Developing our Reconciliation Plan

CT Management Group has been involved with the Queensland Department of Local Government in developing and providing capacity building programs and support for Queensland Indigenous Councils.

As these Councils tend to be the only representative tier of government in their respective communities, they provide a wide range of critical services from water supply, sewerage, roads, aerodromes, waste management and many community support services.

CT Management Group has provided support in the ongoing asset management of infrastructure and buildings, financial management, corporate governance and training to Council staff for more than 10 years in a number of Indigenous Councils across the State.

Our key people undertake this work in a respectful and appropriate way to ensure that the Councils and their communities receive support and outcomes that are achievable and sustainable in the longer term.

The concept of developing a RAP within our organisation was championed by our Chairman, the Hon. Jeff Kennett AC. From there we established a small RAP Working Group and appointed Merv Hair, Marketing Manager to chair the group.

We then set out to create our very first Reconciliation Action Plan. As we grow our RAP Working Group and cultural awareness within our organisation, we endeavour to implement all actions of our RAP with a focus on growing the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our Associates program and paying attention to additional ways we can support Indigenous Councils in Australia.

This Reconciliation Action Plan was developed to lay the foundations and cement our commitment to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their communities and reconciliation.

Our RAP will reflect and consolidate what we currently do with Indigenous Councils and will define our organisations actions to continue promoting reconciliation into the future.

We celebrate the opportunity to work with a diversity of cultures at CT Management Group and will continue our work in welcoming peoples of all backgrounds.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more information about CT Management Group’s Reconciliation Action Plan please download the full plan below.

Download RAP
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